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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Russ Still and The Moonshiners Atlanta, Georgia

Russ Still and The Moonshiners-original tunes with catchy lyrics & fresh arrangements.
The band meshes country, country rock & classic rock triggering the interests of listeners tailored to staples of the West Coast 70s songwriters, Southern Rock enthusiasts, fans of outlaw country and new country. There’s something here for everyone. ... more


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Track Name: Promised Land
Russ Still

I been riding this line a long, long time
I’m 20 years past my prime
The life I'm leading ain't ideal

I been tryin it honest, doing it right
But things ain't moving, not a dime in sight
If the devil finds me I gonna make a deal

How long is long enough?
How hard has it got to get to be tough?
They say it's not over til it turns out right
I've heard more than one lie in my life
I won't know for sure til the end
But if the poor man wins I'm headed to the promised land

Life on the road is moving slow
It's 800 miles to our next show
I ain’t sure if we're gonna make it alive

I been driving all night drinking liquid speed
The boys in the band they can't read
We get lost every time they drive


This is ain't how I thought it'd turn out
I had big dreams I don’t talk about
I lost them somewhere on this lonely road

I was gonna be a star once upon a time
It’s been too long to change my mind
Now I'm paying the price for dragging this heavy load

Track Name: Long Way From Home
Russ Still

20 hard days on the road Lord knows I got 20 more
Seems like I left so long ago.

All this driving’s got me thinking bout all the things that I've been missing
I'm humming to an old Waylon song
Lord I’m such a long way from home

I'm so lonely I'm half crazy.
I can't wait to squeeze you baby
Then I'll kiss you then well maybe / We’ll do things we ain’t done lately
I can't wait to get you all alone.
Lord I'm such a long way from home

You're alone in our empty house I'm working these long late hours
Wondering what you're doing while I'm gone.

Them late nights calls just ain't enough Lord knows I need your touch.
I been drooling like an old hound dog
Lord I’m such a long way from home.


I've driven all the way to west LA Down this dusty hot highway
One more stop in Santa Fe get ready girl I'm on my way

Too much time on this line thinking bout what I left behind
Lord knows I'm better if I don't

I'm pushing this ol 18 load It’s hanging to this black top road
Girl I'm Heading back towards home.
I ain't got too much more to go.

Track Name: Glorine's
Russ Still

Exit 16 up I-85 cross the train track, take a hard right
Don’t miss the sign at the dirt road,

Past the corn field through the muck get some mud on the truck
Drive on until you’ve got no place left to go

Glorine’s, yeah Glorine’s
Party harder than you’ve ever dreamed
Glorine don’t need a gun
We’re all just having fun
Down in the swamp at Glorine’s

It's a shack back in the woods don't judge how it looks
We’ve come this far we can’t stop now

Glorine sits inside the door on a throne she's adorned
In a sequined evening gown a cigar in her mouth


Folks say Glorine won this Place in a low stakes poker game
She's still got an ace tucked up her sleeve

Whiskey's cookin all the time fires burn day and night
Ten dollars gets you all you need


Midnight it's heating up we're running eyes wide shut
This honky tonk is right where I belong

Cars are lined too far to see Glorine's is the place to be
We gon keep rolling on and on and on and on

Track Name: I Can't
Russ Still

I check the clock I've been here before
One more drink an eye on the door
Here I am, waiting again
I can guess where you are you must be with him

I can't think I can't Cry,
I'm so hurt, no surprise
I guess I'm not the man I think I am
I try to hope, but I can't

I look for an answer at the bottom of this glass
I know the question but I’m too scared to ask
I must have been here a thousand times
But this time feels like I’m losing my mind


You keep on taking all I can give
And I keep on falling for it
You always come back the choice has been yours
This time you’re not gonna a make me a fool like before

I can't think I can't cry
I'm so hurt no surprise
But this time I won’t let you do it again
You’ll try to come back, but you can’t

I know you’re going to blame me and won’t understand
You’ll beg to come back, but you can't
Track Name: Juanita
Russ Still and Jonita Dmmock

Born on the beach in Southern California
Lived her life in eastern Oklahoma
Became an orphan way too young

She don't remember much from back then
She can't tell you where she's been
But she knows it's been long, long run

Where you gonna run to now
It's no easier
Just cause you know how
Don't be thinking your future's in the past
You've been saving the best for last
The come a time when like is so much sweeter

Had 2 girls then left that man
Some folks still don't understand
But she knows and she don't really care

Headed south to Birmingham
Found herself another man
She moving on but she's just not sure where


Life is still hard but she understands
Nothing ever goes according to a plan

She escapes another trap
Only has the clothes on her back
It was just another price to pay

She found her a truck drivin man
Now she’s only running with him
She’s living her life day by day

Track Name: Going Fishin'
Russ Still

I’ve had one hell of a week, I got to get out of here
I got the boat hooked to my truck and a cooler full of beer

Got my tackle and a brand-new rod I’m headed for the lake
I'm gonna wet me a worm I don't care what it takes

I'm going fishin
I know what to do let the games begin
I'm going fishin
Throw a line sit back and real em in
Ain't no better to way to spend my time
Watchin them fish jump on the line
Living easy, living fine
I'm going fishing

Before I hit that fishing pond I've got one stop to make
Head down this country road Right off the main highway

I'm lookin for them liquor signs and the bright neon lights
I'll be just be a minute and see if I get a bite


I'm just getting started, but a good one got away
Jumped off the hook, but another's on the way

This one's a pretty thing she might be a keeper
Didn't expect a catch like this but I think I might keep her


I never made it to the lake I never made it home
But I had a real good time and I didn't spend it alone

I’ll come back again next week and try it one more time
Ain’t no telling what you can catch when you throwin out a line


Track Name: 10,000 Ways
10,000 WAYS
Russ Still

You looked in the mirror but you couldn't see
You were so scared unsure what you should be
You put on a face to mask what you felt inside
You hurt so bad but couldn't find a place to hide

Your life was spinning in your quiet hell
We all thought it was your show and tell
Life was confusion you felt so paralyzed
You screamed out loud but no one recognized

10,000 ways that didn't work
10,000 times you tried
You fought so hard against truth that you had to find
It took all your courage to look behind the veil
Now you know 10,000 ways that you can never fail

21 months ago we put you on a plane
We weren't sure when you'd come back again
Just as sure as the clouds always turn to rain
The only way to heal was to take the time to change


You worked so hard and you finally see
The future is one step away the past a haunted dream
There's nothing left to hold you back you have all that you need
To see yourself for all you are and all that you can be


Track Name: Workin' Class Hunter
Russ Still

I've done my 40 got in all my time
Blue collar's covered with grit and grime
Packed the truck, I’m ready to go
Can't wait for God’s great outdoors

I'm a working-class hunter
A simple man
Don't need nothing but a bow in my hand / rifle in a stand / rifle in my hand
Gonna hunt ‘til I'm 6 feet under
What do you expect
I’m a working-class hunter

I work hard to have a life
Spend my time in paradise
I can tell you there's one thing guaranteed
If I didn't need the money, I'd hunt 7 days a week


Some say it’s crazy how I spend my time
If hunting is crazy I'm out of my mind
I'm in the woods every chance I get
Every day’s a memory I won't forget.

Track Name: Run Away
Run Away
Russ Still

You came home late last night
Acting like it’s all supposed to be alright
I asked you why,
But I knew you were gonna tell me another crazy lie

I've got to run away,
Standin here longer means I'm not gonna leave
I can't stay,
My head says it's over but that’s not how I feel
I've got to run away

I want to see you one last time,
To tell you all that we're gonna leave behind
But I'll say goodbye, then you'll touch me,
And forgotten feelings will come alive


If I turn around, you're gonna cry,
Then I'll end up spending the night
But I'll wake up tomorrow,
knowing it `wasn't right